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When Frank W. Ofeldt II accidentally created the world's first pressure washer in 1926, he had no idea how useful of a tool he had bestowed upon the public...

Fast forward almost a century and be amazed by the progression of gasoline-powered pressure washing technology. Anyone can walk into their local Home Depot, Lowe's, or DB Supply to put themselves on the absolute cutting edge of home improvement.
With these incredible innovations, an entire new industry of home service providers was born, and a new "Gold Rush" created. Countless entrepreneurs packed up shop and shifted to lucrative careers as landscapers, contractors, and cleaners. Like other fields, such as law and finance, a disconnect began to grow between the knowledge of the layman and that of the professional. Pressure washing turned into something akin to remodeling your house; lengthy, pricey, inconvenient, and inaccessible.

Upon further research, Splash Brothers of Boise found out just how tough it was to get a hold of a pressure washing company for fast, reliable, and affordable service. You would be hard pressed to even get a rough price over the phone from one of the current industry providers in the area.

Splash Brothers of Boise aims to disrupt.

Splash Brothers of Boise started with the mission of creating an easy, accessible exterior pressure washing business with close-knit ties to the Treasure Valley community. Business-wise, we have one goal in mind: to create a one-stop-pressure-washing-shop for our entire community to support.

With all of our founders being united by our entrepreneurial spirits and love for our community, sports, and friendship, we decided to turn our company into a productive, lucrative employment opportunity for the young student-athletes of the Treasure Valley. As former student-athletes, we know how much we would've appreciated a place to gain valuable work experience, a paycheck, and quality time with teammates and friends; all while spreading awareness and raising money for our team. Splash Brothers of Boise plans to be a crucial benefactor in the world of Boise youth and high school sports.

As former high school students and teenagers, we know our coaches and parents would have appreciated this opportunity even more than we. We understand the sacrifice on behalf of the families of student-athletes, and we want to give back. We'll make it easier on your wallet in more ways than one: your student-athletes won't need allowance, and your home is beautiful. What more could you ask for?
Be a part of our future, and help Splash Brothers of Boise unite the Treasure Valley; one driveway at a time.

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Address: 2007 North 28th Street, Boise, ID, 83703
(208) 982-1322

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